Edge-airport is a global provider of IT solutions and services to airport sector, with headquarters based in France near Bordeaux. We trace our roots back to 1994 with the development of Airport Manager solutions suite, which led to the formation of Edge-Airport. Since then we have played a critical role in helping airports to lower operating costs, boost revenues and increase business agility.

Our solutions include systems for passenger processing, resource management, flight management, operational messaging and aeronautical billing, and associated hardware and services. Devoted to deliver proven cost-effective solutions, Edge-airport is resolutely turned towards the future, promotes innovation in all areas and paves the way for the airport of tomorrow.
Edge Airport France
Aquitaine (Headquarters) France
Edge Airport Africa
Abidjan Ivory Coast


Our journey started with the development of Airport Manager Solution Suite in 1994.
Increase business agility by delivering leading-edge technology solutions
Reduce costs by favoring open systems
Ensure freedom of choice by eliminating dependency on proprietary systems