Local Departure Control System

Airport Manager L-DCS is very efficient and user-friendly check-in system to manage the passenger flow from the import of passenger lists via check-in and baggage drop to security and the boarding gate. Each check-in counter can manage several flights simultaneously.

L-DCS is certified on IATA / CUPPS platform, but able to work with or without CUPPS, so you will have L-DCS which is CUPPS ready for the future!

Integrated with L-DCS , Weight & Balance performs all the airline weight and balance calculations to manage aircraft load distribution and aircraft balancing. As the system receives check-in information from LDCS, it automates the calculation of optimal load and trim results expressed in %MAC and produces load sheets in IATA format.

Quick Features
>  Point to point check-in service for airlines
>  Graphical management of cabin plans
>  Integration of IATA, PNL, ADL messages
>  Supports APIS and E-borders
>   Baggage reconciliation
>   Flight documents
>   Mobile web-check in and boarding with handheld terminals
>   Passenger monitoring in real time
Iatatext module
> Generation and sending of operational messages PFS, LDM, FTL, ETL …
 Weight & Balance
> As soon as Check-in process is completed on L-DCS , all the required data is automatically sent to Weight and Balance which avoid the re-entry of data.
>  Prompt calculation of optimal load and trim according to company requirements.
Mobile Check-in with L-DCS 
Passenger Boarding with L-DCS