Passenger Tracking and Information

PaxTracer is a new generation passenger tracking system to better manage the movement of passengers through checkpoints in departures, arrivals, transfers, security, boarding area, VIP lounge etc. at airport.

PaxTracer station is equipped with an integrated barcode scanner. The user just presents the boarding pass, smartphone or home printed, to the integrated barcode reader and system checks the validity of the ticket. The data is then collected to have real-time monitoring of each passenger and obtain statistics on transit time between each checkpoint.

Deployed at many airports to validate off-airport issued boarding passes from WEB check-in prior  to proceeding through security.

Improved Efficiency
>  Statistics on passenger flows
>  Track late passengers to gate
>  Better staff management
Efficient operations at peak hours
Enhanced passenger experience
Increased advertising opportunities
Optimized retailer opening times
Available on Mobile terminals
Improved Security
>  Passenger  tracking
>  Passenger validation
>  Passenger search
>  Locate missing passengers at boarding
Unusual behavior analysis
>  Access control to restricted areas